•  What steps to take before calling Technical Support?
  • Ans : Most the problems are solved by just turning on and off the modem.
  •  What is an Isolation Test?

  • Ans : An isolation test means to remove all the CPEs(Customer Premises Equipment) and just plug the modem or standard phone handset to the main telephone wall socket.

  •   Do I need to inform my current provider when I am switching to Australia Telcom Pty Ltd?

    Ans : No, we’ll do all switching process arrangement.

  •    Can I Request for a payment plan because I cannot pay on due date?

    Ans : If you are requesting for a payment plan because you cannot pay on due date, please call our customer service team on 1300 13 23 10, and we may be able to provide you with a payment extension or a payment plan which are subject to approval and are based on your payment history.

  •   Can I use my existing telephone handset?

    Ans : Yes

  •   Will I charge Early cancellation fee from current provider?

    Ans : completely depends on your contract with your current provider. Best option is to check with them.

  •   What happens if I cancel my contract within the contact period from Australia Telcom?

  • Ans : In that case early cancellation fee will apply which is $190 on your next bill.

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